The Mayze Family

We made the most of the late October sunshine on the Southerndown beach during half term for this family photo session. Chief models Hannah and Owen were joined by Chipper and Daisy for a good old run around on the beach. And, yes, I did take pictures of Mum and Dad too but they are a bit shy so you're only allowed to see the back of them! :)

Autumn Photo Shoot

My job isn't about taking the one perfect image. It's about capturing the love and interaction within each family. As you can see from these pictures, there was a lot of love to go around. I love how little Dylan looks at his Mum and Dad and how you can see the love their eyes as they look at him. Time flies by so fast and so I'm honoured to be asked to join a family and to capture their special moments together so they can look back in years to come and remember how they all felt. We had a gorgeous walk in the forest and lots of fun chasing bubbles, throwing leaves and even sitting next to a shiny red apple. Enjoy. Gem x