9 Top Tips for Creating Content

Providing high quality professional content is vital for small businesses. When you book a photoshoot for your business it is important to think about where and how you’re going to use those images.

So, how can you use images to create content for your business?

Here are 9 Top Tips for Creating Content, using professional images.

All the images are taken by me and used by my clients on their websites and social media platforms.

1. Make it personal

Showing your face and where you work is a great way to introduce yourself to clients and build trust. I don’t know about you, but one of the first things I do when I’m researching a business is to go to the ‘About me’ page and have a nosey. Below are some examples of how my clients have used the images from their shoots to introduce themselves.



2. Inspire and motivate

Provide content that will make users feel good. Give great advice, answer questions and provide solutions to problems. I love the way that my client, Laura, from Unleash Your Potential has used her images across her website and social media platforms.



3. Stay Fresh

Images aren’t just for your website! Make sure that your social media profile picture is up to date too. Potential clients love to see what you look like. Show how you value and invest in yourself with a great image. Use on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

4. Behind the scenes

Images of you working, creating and interacting with clients make great content and always get a brilliant reaction.

Upload a gallery of images to show the workplace, staff and clients too, like this dental surgery in Cardiff.

5. Consistency

Social media platforms encourage regular posting. Try to post consistently and authentically. Having a collection of images from a photoshoot can help you to tell your story.

6. Brand consolidation

Use your images to highlight your brand identity. Show off your style and personality! I love this Facebook header, created by my client with images from her shoot.

7. Be helpful

Giving free, useful advice is one of the best ways to create engagement with your content. Do you have any useful tips for your followers? Create a free PDF guide or helpful blog post (like this one!).

8. Advertise

Use images to showcase your products or service in a professional way. A well planned, styled shoot is a great way to generate pictures that you can use across your website and social media.

9. Marketing and PR

Use your images to advertise or feature in print marketing. Images below an example businesses featured in Cardiff Life Magazine.


Of course, there’s lots more ways to create content for your business too, from videos, to podcasts! I’d love to hear from you with examples of what works best for your business? How have you used images to promote your business?

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