Welcome to my website! I’m Gemma and I’m a Cardiff business, personal branding & family photographer based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. I’m Mum to two (not so little anymore) children and married to Hywel and we live in a little village called Colwinston, near Cowbridge.

I started my photography business in 2005 after the birth of my daughter. I’d always loved taking pictures but after having my daughter the true value of photography really struck me. To have beautiful images of my children as they have grown up and have them dotted around my house to see each day is just wonderful.  I love capturing family love – sibling hugs, Daddy’s girls, Mummy’s boys, big squeezy hugs, snuggles and private family jokes. There’s something so wonderful about the family dynamic, I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with each family and getting to know them as we tramp through the woods or meander through a meadow together.

If you’d like me to join you on a family adventure, please get in touch.

My passion for photography has also reached into the commercial world. I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. The best part about the job is that every client is so unique. From ceramicists to harpists, dentists to glass makers and actors to lawyers, I’ve worked with a massive variety of individuals and loved every single minute! Take a look at my business and family portfolios to see my work.

Gem x

Cardiff Business Photographer | Cardiff Family Photographer

My business shoots are personalised to portray your brand with a unique, professional and bespoke feel.

My aim from each family photoshoot is to capture some of your family magic. I want you to feel it, when you look at images every day and for them to fill you with joy.

If you’d like to book a family or business photo session then please get in touch. I’m happy to give you a ring for a chat and answer any questions that you might have.

Any Questions? They might be answered in my F.A.Q.

Although I’m mostly behind the camera, I did venture over to the other side to have a family photo session myself! Here are just a few photos from our shoot at the beach. I’m so happy with them, the beach is my happy place and I just love looking at these images every day. They are taken by the wonderful and super talented photographer Aga Tomaszek.