A shout out to Cowbridge!

I’ve lived in a few different places in my life -  Liverpool (born and bred), Leeds (University), Sydney (lots of fun), Manchester (Uni, again), London (work) and now I live in a little pocket of Wales.

As a second/third generation immigrant (Ukrainian/Polish) I’ve never felt like I ‘belong’ anywhere but after 18 years in Wales, it’s starting to feel like home. My local town is the beautiful Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan. It was the first place we moved to after we left London and it’s where my daughter was born, so it’s a very special place for me.

I’ve pounded the streets with a pram, attended toddler groups, made friends, started my business and most recently taught my daughter to drive the streets of the town where she was born.

There’s so much to see and do in Cowbridge and I know every nook and cranny. The one thing I love to do is shoot there! It’s one of my favourite locations for a headshot or personal branding photoshoot and it looks fabulous in all seasons.

There are so many gorgeous places to use as backdrops and plenty lovely businesses that don’t mind me popping in for coffee with a client to take a few shots.

I wanted to share a few examples of the variety and character that you can get from a shoot in my adopted home town and say a big thank you to the businesses that have supported my small business in allowing me to use their spaces!

Firstly, my favourite restaurant in Cowbridge – Rocket & Rye. The miso broccoli is amazing! Equally as good, is the fabulous frontage of the restaurant which is so vibrant and eye catching!

Next up, Maple and Bean, a great place for a coffee and cake! The massive windows are perfect for the coffee and laptop shot.

A new and welcome addition to the High Street is Ground. One word – Cruffins! They also have a lovely window that is perfect for the ‘through the window’ shot.

96 degrees has a fabulous chilled out vibe and a tasty cake selection too. Their outside space is great for a shoot and their window art is brilliant!

The ladies at No 39 have allowed me to use their lovely doorway. Be careful though, it’s hard not to buy something if you go in!

The flowers outside The Bear Hotel always look gorgeous!

Aside from all the lovely businesses, there are also many great spots to use as backgrounds – from the skate park, to the Old Hall Gardens, the Physic Gardens, the river, the little side streets and any doorway (I love a door).

So, if you’re planning a branding photoshoot and are wondering about where it could take place, then consider Cowbridge!

My photography packages start at £299 for a 1 hour headshot photo session.

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South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews

Do you need images for your business? Whether you're looking for a headshot or a personal branding photography session, I can help! Read on for some South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews.

When investing in a photographer for your business it's important to find someone that you can trust. That's why I've collated a selection of reviews from my commercial clients, so that you can read what they had to say about their experience.

If you're looking to book a personal branding, headshot or business photo shoot, please make sure that you plan ahead.  Try and book at least a month in advance, to make sure that you have time to prepare.

Head on over to my blog to learn more about why you need great images for your business and how to create them:

Do you need a new headshot?

9 top tips for creating content

Top tips on how to style your headshot photo shoot!

In the meantime, take a look at some of my reviews.

South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews

"I am so pleased with the quality of the photos and the various shots you've taken - I am actually looking forward to posting on social media compared to dreading it as I now have quality photos that fit the content so thank you very much! It was lovely to have worked with you - thank you for making it enjoyable!" Nicole Stroh

"I would recommend Gemma in a heart beat. The energy and quality of her work is outstanding. I needed a photograph for a poster to go alongside a script, and Gemma showed enthusiasm for the project immediately. She was a font of creative ideas for how the picture could look, how it could be lit and how it could be composed. When it came to the shoot, Gemma was marvellous. She came up with many new ideas on the spot and really went the extra mile. Above all, I am absolutely thrilled with the photographs."  Phil Hamer

"It had taken me 3 months to have the courage to go for a personal brand photo shoot and I was not disappointed. Gemma is brilliant and made the day a lot of fun whilst capturing the natural essence of what I stand for - aligning business with a holistic twist. The photos are outstanding ( I have over 100) to choose from in different locations and beautiful settings. Gemma has this natural ability of capturing the best bits! I’m so happy and have had a lot of people giving me great feedback. Thanks Gemma x you are amazing." Jane Baker

"I absolutely love the photos … they’re super super super!!! Thank you so much!!" Kathryn Lloyd-Thomas

"Wonderful, empowering photography sessions from someone who just puts you at ease and makes you feel incredible. Don’t hesitate to choose Gemma she’s simply fabulous! A real expert in her field *****" Gemma Angharad

"5⭐️ From our first conversation where I was just finding out what Gemma could do, she completely got me, what I do and what I was trying to achieve with the photoshoot for my business. She was so creative in her thinking and the options and suggestions she gave that she pushed me, in a supported way, to move into new territory which was absolutely right for me, I’d just never considered it. During the photo shoot I felt supported, which was great as I’ve never been particularly comfortable in front of the camera. The results speak for themselves. I’m over the moon with the photos and would definitely recommend Gemma as your business photographer!" Sian Fisher

Personal Branding Photography Cardiff

"I booked Gemma for a personal branding photo shoot and she was fantastic from the start. She explained the process in a way that I understand and made me feel relaxed, confident and excited about the shoot. Gemma was flexible and she guided me throughout the shoot in a calm and confident way. I actually loved the whole experience and the photos are incredible. She captured me and my brand perfectly. Thank you!" Yasmin Neves

Personal Branding Photography Cardiff

“I booked Gemma to photograph a case study for Diabetes UK's Balance magazine. She was a pleasure to deal with and delivered outstanding images. I'd highly recommend her work.” Louise

"Gemma did a fantastic set of headshots for me. What’s brilliant about how she works is that she really brings out the best in you, not only in how you look in the final pictures but she cleverly manages to capture your personality at the same time by putting you at ease and allowing you to relax and be yourself. It’s the little touches that make the difference!" Siriol Jenkins

Headshot Photography Cardiff

"The whole process from booking to receiving the phots was effortless. Gemma is a complete professional. Talked me through every step of the process, thoroughly enjoyed prepping the Pinterest board beforehand. She captured my personality perfectly which is exactly what I wanted. Directed every pose and stance I so felt comfortable all the way through. Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟" Jeff Kidner

Personal Branding Photography Cardiff

"I had been putting off booking photo shoots as I am not the most relaxed person in front of the camera and felt quite unsure of what I actually wanted from the experience. Gemma and I had a brief chat and she seemed to know what would be the best option for my business photo shoot. She was willing to fit around what I finally decided would feel like a good way to use the photo shoot to allow my clients to connect with me and share parts of my personality and vulnerability. She made me feel at ease during the shoot, I was clear I didn't want the photos to look overly professional, but I knew I wanted to be me, to show my lines, my extra handles of love, which represent my female body, which has changed since twins and is changing again due to perimenopause.  It also seemed a wonderful opportunity to share my quite embarrassing yet extremely fun pastime of attempting to nail a cartwheel with my wonky one leg bend. It's not at all perfect but for what I wanted to share and express it was that I am not perfect, not the most flexible, most strongest or most athletic body aesthetically, and that's absolutely OK.  I wanted to share and show that I love to move, that I am now stronger and more flexible than I have been for a long time, that I enjoy movement and I work to accept my body everyday just like most of us. So thank you Gemma for capturing the wrinkles, the saggy skin, the extra roles, the uncomfortableness of smiling at a camera with all the focus on you, for showing my wonky leg and for making me feel beautiful and vulnerable 🥰" Fran

South Wales Business Photographer

"Wow Gemma, can I just say they are phenomenal!! The images are 100% better than I expected them to be. I knew they were going to be great but they are just brilliant!" Cat Perkins

South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews

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South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews

South Wales Business Photographer - Reviews

9 Top Tips for Creating Content

Providing high quality professional content is vital for small businesses. When you book a photoshoot for your business it is important to think about where and how you're going to use those images.

So, how can you use images to create content for your business?

Here are 9 Top Tips for Creating Content, using professional images.

All the images are taken by me and used by my clients on their websites and social media platforms.

1. Make it personal

Showing your face and where you work is a great way to introduce yourself to clients and build trust. I don't know about you, but one of the first things I do when I'm researching a business is to go to the 'About me' page and have a nosey. Below are some examples of how my clients have used the images from their shoots to introduce themselves.



2. Inspire and motivate

Provide content that will make users feel good. Give great advice, answer questions and provide solutions to problems. I love the way that my client, Laura, from Unleash Your Potential has used her images across her website and social media platforms.



3. Stay Fresh

Images aren't just for your website! Make sure that your social media profile picture is up to date too. Potential clients love to see what you look like. Show how you value and invest in yourself with a great image. Use on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

4. Behind the scenes

Images of you working, creating and interacting with clients make great content and always get a brilliant reaction.

Upload a gallery of images to show the workplace, staff and clients too, like this dental surgery in Cardiff.

5. Consistency

Social media platforms encourage regular posting. Try to post consistently and authentically. Having a collection of images from a photoshoot can help you to tell your story.

6. Brand consolidation

Use your images to highlight your brand identity. Show off your style and personality! I love this Facebook header, created by my client with images from her shoot.

7. Be helpful

Giving free, useful advice is one of the best ways to create engagement with your content. Do you have any useful tips for your followers? Create a free PDF guide or helpful blog post (like this one!).

8. Advertise

Use images to showcase your products or service in a professional way. A well planned, styled shoot is a great way to generate pictures that you can use across your website and social media.

9. Marketing and PR

Use your images to advertise or feature in print marketing. Images below an example businesses featured in Cardiff Life Magazine.


Of course, there's lots more ways to create content for your business too, from videos, to podcasts! I'd love to hear from you with examples of what works best for your business? How have you used images to promote your business?

Want to see more of my work with businesses? Check out my headshot and personal branding portfolio.

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headshots cardiff


Join me for Headshots in the City!

If you feel like a city location is suited to you and your brand, then why not book a cosmopolitan shoot in Cardiff city centre?

You can book an hour long headshot session or a longer, 3 hour personal brand shoot to create content for your website and social media platforms. We can explore the gorgeous arcades in Cardiff as well as the historic monuments. Not every city has a castle you know!

We'll have time to sip coffee in one of the lovely cafes and do a bit of window shopping - all in the name of work.

Have a look at the images below and see if headshots in the city are suited to you. If not, don't worry, there's plenty of fabulous locations around South Wales. Choose from the gorgeous countryside, the epic coastline, forests, rivers and castles!

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Headshotsheadshots cardiffpersonal branding photo shoot cardiffcardiff headshotsheadshots cardiff

Top tips on how to style your headshot photo shoot

It's very important to prepare and plan for your personal branding or headshot photo shoot. Your images will say a lot about you and your business and so you need to style yourself correctly to be able to attract potential clients.

I've worked with a lot of businesses this year and I've absolutely loved it. I've had shoots all over South Wales, including Cardiff, from the Bay to Central Square plus Penarth, Cowbridge and even Abergavenny.

Clients need images for a whole range reasons. It's not just a headshot for your CV anymore. You need images for your website and social media as well as a new profile picture!

Book your headshot session today!

Packages start at £249 for a 1 hour photo shoot.

Here are my top 7 tips on how to style your headshot photo shoot

1. Branding

Think about your brand. I don't mean your logo, I mean the core ethos of your business. What are you trying to portray to your clients. Are you bold, professional, reliable, traditional, quirky, warm, friendly, experienced? Once you've nailed this, you can start to think about what location might be good for your shoot. You can choose from your home workshop, or a modern cityscape. Maybe a traditional garden setting or quiet countryside views might be more suitable.

Avril wanted to showcase her fashion styling skills and chose Penarth as her location, including the pier and marina.

Cat, The Unstoppable Success Coach, wanted a friendly, professional and approachable look. We chose the stylish Rocket & Rye in Cowbridge and then used the High Street and Old Hall Gardens too.

Headshot photo shoot in Cowbridge

2. Logo and brand colours

Try to incorporate your brand colours into your images. Either use a similar colour or use a complimentary colour. If your images are going to be displayed on your website, with your branding colours, then it's worthwhile planning either outfits or props that will enhance the overall look of the website.

When working with With Music In Mind, we asked everyone to wear blue so they would be co-ordinated with the logo on their website and Facebook page.

With Music in Mind business shoot

3. Outfits

Styling your outfits is super important. Not just in terms of colours, but in making sure that you are wearing clothes that are appropriate for your work. You could choose a business suit or something less formal. If you work in an office then your choice of outfit is going to be different to someone that has a home workshop. Make sure that you have a number of outfits to choose from. You'll get lots of variety from your images if you get changed a few times.

We chose a high end luxury feel for Abi's shoot. A gorgeous location and fabulous outfits.

Headshot photo shoot near Cowbridge

4. Hair / make up

If you're paying for personal brand shoot then you need to prioritise what you look like. Lots of clients feel more comfortable if they have their hair and make-up done professionally before the session, whilst others are happy with a more natural look. Once again, it's all about how you'd like your clients to see you, so choose an appropriate look.

Elizabeth and Alex looked amazing for their shoot showcasing the Eliza Eliza products.

5. Think about your clients

Most personal branding shoots are done with the intention of bringing in more clients. As well as thinking about how you'd like to appear, it's important to visualise your potential clients. What will attract them? Are they looking for someone friendly and approachable or efficient and professional? What will be at the top of their list when they are researching who they want to work with?

Yasmin runs several businesses, including Healthy HR, so we used a variety of locations and outfits to cover all the things she needed from her headshot photo shoot.

Personal Branding photo shoot in Abergavenney

6. Show your true self

Although it's important to showcase your persona in terms of your brand and your clients needs, it's also important to include some authenticity. Depending on your business, clients might want to see the real you, not a polished version. Are there aspects of your personality that you want to show? If you want your images to bring your personality to life, then make sure you include elements that will highlight the real you. You could use clothes or props to do this.

Dietician and Pilates expert Fran wanted to show her true self. No make-up, no fancy hair do and her usual exercise clothes. She looks amazing and the images are perfect for her brand.

Although Ryan wears a suit every day, that doesn't mean he can't mix things up a bit and look very stylish in his headshot photo shoot.

Headshot photo shoot

7. Show how you work

Clients love seeing behind the scenes or workshop images. If you have products, then they will love to see how you make them. Clients will also be interested in seeing where you work - whether you have an office or you work outside. Do you work alone or employ staff? Including extra details of your business process in your images will always be interesting.

Elizabeth wanted images to show her creating her products at home.

Headshot photo shoot in cardiff

Glass artist Chrissie, from Glass at the Spinney, wanted to show off her working process at home.

Headshot photo shoot for Glass at the Spinney

To see more of my commercial work, follow my Business Instagram Account - Cardiff Business Photographer

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Packages start at £249 for a 1 hour photo shoot.