Products explained…

I’m not one for using jargon, honestly, but occasionally the word triptych will slip out and clients will look at me like I’ve started speaking another language. So, with that in mind and following on from my blog post encouraging you all to start printing, I thought I’d write a handy guide to my own products and explain what they all are.

I don’t have a massive selection of products as I don’t want to overwhelm clients at their viewing session. Often with over 50 images to view and lots of choices we have our work cut out choosing packages and narrowing down favourite images. Most clients spend at least 2 hours choosing their favourite images and then we get onto the job of creating a collage together, or deciding which image in which size for grandparents and other family members. I love viewing sessions! Not just because it’s lovely to see the reaction of clients to their images (feel free to cry!) but because I know at the end of the viewing session they will be going home with a selection of printed goodies that will last them a lifetime – printed images that will give them so much joy each time they look at them. And that’s what it’s all about!

So, lets get down to business. What products am I offering? Well, it’s quite simple really! Printed images, canvas wraps and a gorgeous deep set framed product that can come with a single image, or three images (yep, a triptych).

The smaller print sizes I offer are 5×7 and 10×8 as they are the most common frame sizes that you can buy easily. Nip down to M&S and boom, you’ve got a selection of frames straight away. I don’t want to make life difficult for you offering strange sizes, I want you to get the prints framed and up on the mantelpiece so you can see them! Other sizes are A4 and A3 – you can buy off the shelf frames in these sizes too or take them to frame shop, add a lovely mount, choose a frame you love and Bob’s your uncle.

My most popular printed product is my 9 image collage. It’s a great way to display all your favourite images from the session. It comes in 2 sizes, 30×30 or 24×24 but because I create them myself, you can really have any size that you like! The print comes rolled up in a tube, so you will need to go and get this one framed.

My canvas wraps come in three sizes, 20×16, 20×30 and 30×40. You can combine them to create a wall collage, for example, 3 20×16 canvas wraps in a row (yes, the t word again!). The canvas wraps are beautifully finished and come ready to hang straight away, so there won’t be any need for faffing about adding fixings to the back of them. It’s all done for you.

Finally, I have a gorgeous framed product. It’s exclusively made by my lab, so you won’t find it anywhere on the high street or online. In fact, you’ll probably be the only person you know with one (unless you know lots of my clients…). You can have a single image or three images in a row. They are mounted on a board and placed in a deep set double mount. The frames are clean and stylish and the whole thing just looks incredibly gorgeous. You have to see it in person to really appreciate it but I’ve taken some photos to give you and idea.

So that’s it! It’s not scary and now when you’re out and about having a coffee with friends, you can say, “I’m just nipping to M&S to buy three frames so I can have a triptych on my wall…” 🙂

 A lovely selection of printed images.A 20×30 canvas wrap.A 20×16 canvas wrap.A 30×40 image.An A4 print, a 10×8 print and a 5×7 print. A 30×30 9 image collage. A framed triptych.Combining canvas wraps to create a wall collage.