Snow day photo shoot

At last! We finally got some snow in South Wales! So it was time for a snow day photo shoot!

We were gutted to have missed it in December and then earlier in the year. We bought sledges about 5 years ago after the last snowfall and they were still sitting dustily in the garage so we were super pleased to see the snow settling.

On the first snow day I decided to leave my camera at home. I wanted to spend some proper time with the kids, watching them enjoy the snow and of course getting some sledging in. My daughter had borrowed my waterproofs (she’d grown out of hers), so I stuck my wetsuit on underneath my clothes (thanks for the suggestion Fi!) and I was warm and watertight. Genius!

Day two, I couldn’t resist taking my camera out with me and as luck would have it, lots of lovely friends were out enjoying the snow too, so I got to capture some fab photos of our fun. My favourites are of the guy who was learning to snowboard on an old skateboard with the wheels removed. He picked it up in no time and looked so cool.

There was also some snowman building, snowball throwing and lots of falling over too! Luckily no one was there to capture me nearly knocking my teeth out as I slide down the hill on my front and hit some rocks. Sometimes it’s a good thing being the only photographer there…

Here’s a few of the pictures from our epic snow day fun in March 2018. It was back to school on Monday and even the daffs were out but at least we’ve got these images to remember the fun we had. Gem x

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boy snowboardinggirl in the snow girl and dad sledgingboy snowboardingboy walking in the snowboy snowboardingdog in the snowfriends building a snowmanboy snowboardinggirl sledginggirl in the snowboy sledgingfriends walking in the snowsnow day photo shoot


Gemma Griffiths is a family photographer based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

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