South Wales family photoshoot at the beach

I love so many things about this family photo shoot. Apart from the gorgeous location (one of my faves) we had the most stunning sunset - golden light everywhere! This family shoot took place on the glorious South Wales coast. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it was during the Summer but it was actually at the end of September. We had one of those clear warm evenings when all is right with the world. Our shoot didn't just take place on the beach, we spent some time exploring the area and walking on the cliff tops too.

When I'm working with a family, I like to go for a wander and let the kids run around and explore. I want to try and capture their everyday personalities and relationships so I'm not a big fan of just getting them to sit down and smile. Family sessions, for me, are a mixture of portrait and documentary shooting, building up a story of the family and capturing them in that moment.

I'm a massive fan of the beach and of the water and I just loved seeing the kids mesmerised by the waves at the start and end of this session. I feel the same way about the sea, so it was wonderful to watch them playing in the water and running away when the waves came. The tide was on it's way in and so by the end of the shoot, there was no beach left, just the rocks and the causeway, but that didn't stop us having a play in the water. Of course, there's the inevitable moment when someone falls over and gets wet, signalling the end of the shoot... can you guess who it was?

I really did try and narrow down theĀ  choices for this blog post and have cut down the images to around half but as I love so many of them, I thought, 'What the hell! Leave them in'. So, here they are, enjoy.

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Gem x