South Wales Sunset Photo Shoot

Check out this gorgeous South Wales sunset photo shoot! When I started photographing families 13 years ago, it was primarily families with young children. Over the years there seems to have been a shift in that pattern and now I'm getting lots of bookings with older children. Maybe it's because my children are growing up and I know lots of people with older children. Or maybe it's because families have started to realise it's never too late to capture the magic of their kids - no matter how old they are!

This shoot was booked to capture 3 cousins together and I managed to twist Mum's arm into joining in with the shoot and getting some family photos taken at the same time. I'm pretty sure she's pleased that I did and now they have a gorgeous selection of images of ALL of them before their eldest finishes school. I feel very passionately about encouraging parents to include themselves into the family photos. It's a shared history that is not complete without every member of the family being featured.

The beach at sunset it my favourite place to be and I'm very grateful that my clients agree. We had a spectacular sunset on this shoot - scroll down to see the amazing colours. We started off with a walk around the gardens and on the cliff tops. Then went down to the beach to watch the sunset. There was some hot chocolate too - nice one Mum!

If you fancy a family shoot on location in South Wales - be it at the beach or at a favourite location of yours - drop me a line.

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Cousins Photo Shoot South Wales

Cousins photo shoot! What a wonderful trip to the forest with this lot.

7 cousins, 3 families and one gorgeous Autumnal setting and I was a very happy photographer indeed. The 3 families wanted to get together to get a group photo of all the cousins as present for their Grandparents. Of course, with a location family shoot, there's plenty of time to take some sibling shots, family shots and individual portraits as well. Why not!?

The kids were all so cute with each other in this cousins photo shoot  - so lovely to have children of similar ages. They must have such a fun time when they all get together.

So, it looks like the Grandparents are in for a treat this Christmas and the parents have done alright too. Win win!

It doesn't have to be Christmas time to get the family together for a photo shoot. If you fancy sharing a shoot with your brothers, sisters or cousins then drop me a line for some more info. Family shoots can be shared amongst a number of different families.

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Gem x

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