Baby & Toddler Photography in Cowbridge

My Spring mini sessions this year have gone down a storm! I've sold out every single pop up session so far and still have lots more to come. I visited Llanblethian Baby and Toddler Group in April and took some seriously cute portraits, full of energy and joy - just like a toddler!

My style of photography is relaxed and informal, so even though we only have 10 minutes at a pop up session, there's still time for a game of peep-po, throwing leaves into the river, watching my puppet Dave misbehave and have a good old laugh. I love capturing a beautiful portrait but what I love most is to capture the essence of a child - I want to see their cheeky grin, their shy looks, their forceful no holds barred personality. These images are packed full of character - fun, boisterous, shy, thoughtful and cheeky. Have a look and see what you think.

I've got some more pop-up sessions planned over the next few weeks, including one in my garden! Keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page for any new sessions - I'll post them in my Events.

If you'd like to book the whole family in for a session to capture your dynamic in a true and authentic way, I offer longer location family sessions - have a look at my pricing page and portfolio for more information and then get in touch to book a date with me.

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Gem x


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5 things you can do to prepare for your pop-up portrait session!

5 things you can do to prepare for your pop-up portrait session!

Twice a year, in the Spring and Autumn time, I visit local preschools and toddler groups in South Wales for portrait sessions. The pop up portrait sessions are a chance for parents to get some lovely portraits without having a full family shoot. They are also a great way to showcase my work and often lead to family sessions being booked to include siblings and parents too!

Each season brings wonderful backdrops and I love seeing the same children twice a year and see how much they've grown! You can see some images from my previous portrait sessions at Cowbridge Baby & Toddler Group in the Autumn and Colwinston Baby & Toddler Group in the Autumn, Llanblethian Baby & Toddler Group in the Spring, and Colwinston Baby & Toddler Group in the Spring on my blog.

Here's a useful guide on how to prepare for your slot!

little girl holding flowers photo session

1. Timing is everything.

Everyone is given a 10 minute time slot, so it's important to be ready when it's your turn. The sessions are pretty informal and relaxed and I'll try and get as many images as I can in the time allotted but will need to stop when your 10 minutes is up. Often children can take a while to warm up or are simply not in the right mood. I promise to try my very best but sometimes it's easier to book a full family photo shoot so that they have plenty of time to relax and you don't have the time pressure. Find out more about my full family shoots on my pricing page and family portfolio.


little girl cowbridge toddler photo session

2. Clean those little faces.

If you have baby wipes or tissues, please try and make sure faces, especially little noses are clean. Photoshop can only do so much. :)


baby photo shoot cowbridge

3. Clothing is important.

Have a think about what you'd like your child to wear for the session. Try and avoid large logo's and pictures on clothing. Also avoid very bright blocks of colour but patterns (checks, wide stripes, flowers or spots) are all fine. If in doubt stick to neutral colours, cream, pale blues, pinks, lemon yellows all look good. You can't go wrong with navy or denim either but steer clear of large blocks of black or white. Think about what might be appropriate for the season - in the Autumn, mustard yellows, deep reds and burnt oranges can look nice. In Spring, opt for lighter colours.


little boy smiling photo shoot llanblethian

4. Don't worry

I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to photographing little ones and they don't respond well to stress. I'll try a few different poses with them and see what works but please don't feel under any pressure for them to perform. I've worked with children for years now and don't expect them to sit still and smile sweetly at me (although it does happen occasionally!). Please don't feel stressed or pressured - with little ones we have to go with the flow.


little girl photo session llanblethian cowbridge

5. Bring along something that will make your child smile.

You know your child best, so if there's something that's guaranteed to make them giggle, then bring it along. If it means you have to stand behind me and sing 'Baa baa black sheep' or do 'the floss', then feel free. The aim of the session is get some nice natural relaxed portraits, so making your child laugh is the easiest way. Don't worry though, I always work with an assistant and my trusty toucan puppet Dave is always on hand to put on a show if he's needed.


portrait sessions

So that's it! I'll be popping into Llanblethian Baby & Toddler Group and Colwinston Baby & Toddler Group in the Spring and Autumn. If you'd like to book a 10 minute slot at any of the sessions, please drop me a line.

Always keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page for information about new portrait sessions. To be the first to hear about all new events, sign up to my mailing list  - pop your email into the box at the bottom of my homepage. My mailing list always get exclusive updates on new dates and events before I publish them online.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Gem x

Snow day photo shoot

At last! We finally got some snow in South Wales! So it was time for a snow day photo shoot!

We were gutted to have missed it in December and then earlier in the year. We bought sledges about 5 years ago after the last snowfall and they were still sitting dustily in the garage so we were super pleased to see the snow settling.

On the first snow day I decided to leave my camera at home. I wanted to spend some proper time with the kids, watching them enjoy the snow and of course getting some sledging in. My daughter had borrowed my waterproofs (she'd grown out of hers), so I stuck my wetsuit on underneath my clothes (thanks for the suggestion Fi!) and I was warm and watertight. Genius!

Day two, I couldn't resist taking my camera out with me and as luck would have it, lots of lovely friends were out enjoying the snow too, so I got to capture some fab photos of our fun. My favourites are of the guy who was learning to snowboard on an old skateboard with the wheels removed. He picked it up in no time and looked so cool.

There was also some snowman building, snowball throwing and lots of falling over too! Luckily no one was there to capture me nearly knocking my teeth out as I slide down the hill on my front and hit some rocks. Sometimes it's a good thing being the only photographer there...

Here's a few of the pictures from our epic snow day fun in March 2018. It was back to school on Monday and even the daffs were out but at least we've got these images to remember the fun we had. Gem x

Check out my latest shoots on my Instagram page.

boy snowboardinggirl in the snow girl and dad sledgingboy snowboardingboy walking in the snowboy snowboardingdog in the snowfriends building a snowmanboy snowboardinggirl sledginggirl in the snowboy sledgingfriends walking in the snowsnow day photo shoot


Gemma Griffiths is a family photographer based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all you gorgeous Mums out there! I hope you're having a good old rest (what more can we ask for!?!)

I absolutely love it when Mums get in front of the camera. It's often a bit tricky to persuade Mums that they should be in the photos with their kids.  But when they get involved it's pure magic. Now the kids have a record of them with their Mum (who is usually the one behind the camera taking the photo)!

I've picked out a few of my favourite images of Mums with their kids. Mums giving their kids a good squeeze and the love is shining out of them. There's photos from all over South Wales including Spring shoots at Dunraven Gardens, Summer shoots in local meadows and farmland, Autumn shoots in Castell Coch and Winter shoots on Southerndown beach.

Find out more about booking your South Wales family photo shoot on my pricing page. See more of my work in my family portfolio.


Mum and kids hugging photo shootmaternity photo shoot llandowMum and daughter Dunraven gardens photo shootMum and kids photo shoot Hensol forestMum and kids on the beach photo shoot Southerndown beachMum and daugher Castell Coch photo shootMum and daughter Dunraven GardensMum and daughter photo shoot in Dunraven GardensNewborn shoot Llandow brother kissing babyMum and son in meadow LlysworneyMum and kids photo shootWinter photo shoot with Gran at the beachMum and son in meadowMum and toddler laughing in Castell CochMum snuggling son in LlandowMum and son in meadowMum hugging son Spring photo shootMum and daughters winter photo shootMum and daugher laughingMaternity shoot, son kissing bumpPhoto shoot with Gran on the beach

South Wales Stage School Photo Shoot

"The images all look fantastic!  You have captured the children's energy, focus, fun, effort and joy so well.  And some real crackers in there - that I'm sure Head Office will ask me if they can use! " Helene Reynolds, Principal

Get your jazz hands ready! It's the kids from the South Wales Stage School - Stagecoach Performing Arts Bridgend & Cowbridge!

I was contacted by Stagecoach to take some group class photos and rehearsal images to celebrate their upcoming 30th Anniversary and couldn't wait to get in there! I visited the school over 5 days and got to see all their classes in action. It was SO much fun. I was really impressed by the whole ethos of the school. The teachers were brilliant and the kids were so focused and really enjoying themselves. It was hard not to join in with the dancing but you can't take photos when you're jigging about to show tunes so I had to control myself.

There's so much joy, focus, passion and power in these images. The children have an hour each of singing, drama and dance. I really wanted to portray what I saw in the classes and to show how much the kids enjoy it and how hard they are working. Each class was full of energy and it was a real pleasure to see all the dancing, singing and acting from each stage. So from stag jumps to singing - here they are!

Note for Stagecoach parents: A full set of all the images from the rehearsals are available for you to view in a password protected online gallery.  Printed class and rehearsal photos will be available to purchase, so please see the programme from the show to get more information or get in touch with me for the details.

Gem x

Children leaping in the airchild dancing at StagecoachChildren singing at StagecoachActing class at StagecoachChild acting at Stagecoachchild dancing at StagecoachSinging teacher at Stagecoachchildren dancing at StagecoachGirls singing at StagecoachStagecoach Principal Helene Reynoldschild dancing at StagecoachDancing and acting at StagecoachActing teaching at Stagecoachacting and singing at Stagecoachchildren dancing at Stagecoachacting class at Stagecoachacting class at stagecoachActing class at StagecoachBoy at StagecoachSinging lesson at Stagecoachchild dancing at StagecoachSinging teacher at Stagecoachchild dancing at Stagecoachsinging class at Stagecoachteens at acting class in Stagecoachchild dancing at Stagecoachchildren dancing at Stagecoachboys at acting class in Stagecoachgirl wearing glassesdance teacher at Stagecoachchild dancing at Stagecoachchildren acting at Stagecoachgirls acting at Stagecoachchild dancing at Stagecoachdance class at Stagecoachgroup of children singing at Stagecoachdance teacher at Stagecoachboys at acting class in Stagecoachchild dancing at Stagecoachacting class at stage school Stagecoachchildren's acting class at Stagecoachdance class at Stagecoachstage school dancestage school dance

Note for Stagecoach parents: A full set of all the images from the rehearsals are available for you to view in a password protected online gallery.  Printed class and rehearsal photos will be available to purchase, so please see the programme from the show to get more information or get in touch with me for the details.