Reasons to book a family shoot with me (and why not to!)

A little bit about me...

I hate clothes shopping, I don't iron and I'm rubbish with make-up. My hair is prone to frizz (a lot) and I'm carrying a few extra pounds. I may look a little scruffy around the edges but I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I became a family photographer 12 years ago because after my daughter was born I suddenly realised that there was so much emotion in every single image I took of her, so much power in photography, and I wanted to share that experience with others. Perfect images for me aren't 'perfect'. I'm not bothered if there's a hair out of place or your top is wrinkled, I'm looking past the surface and trying to capture something much more important. I want to document your relationships - the love that you have for each other - the unique sibling bonds, the Mummy's boy or the Daddy's girl and the pure loving moments that happen within each family. I'm fascinated by the bonds between each member and the dynamic as a whole. I don't want anyone to 'say cheese' or feel stiff and uncomfortable, I just want to come and hang out with you for a couple of hours, go for a walk, have a chat and capture some of your authentic family magic.

Scabby knees and flyaway hair are most welcome as are big laughs and double chins.

I love this family shoot from earlier in the year. We had a good old wander around the gardens and ended up on the beach. The family dog came with us and took many opportunities to photo bomb when not needed and run away when required. We threw leaves in a pond, climbed castle walls, threw stones into the sea and generally had a bit of an adventure.

So, if you're worried about those few extra pounds, or what to wear - please don't. The photos that I want to take of you are about much more than what you look like, they are about who you are as a family.

If you love ironing and hate the thought of grass stains on your clothes or mud on your shoes then maybe I'm not the right photographer for you. If you want someone to capture the real authentic magic in your family then maybe I am....


Gem x

Documentary school photography

St David's Primary School in Colwinston asked me to create a black & white collage of documentary school photography for display in their reception area.

I know most of the children at the school, as my children also attend there. So, it's always fun to go in and photograph them at work and play.

Here are a few of the images of the children in action.  And yes, of course I had to sneak my two into the pictures.

See more of my work with children in my portfolio.

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Gem x