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Christmas Gift Voucher Shop!

My Christmas Gift Shop is now open! I've got lots of lovely gift voucher ideas for you - let's try and make 2021 something to look forward to.









Christmas Cards

Brand new this year! I'm offering a bespoke Christmas Card service for clients that have had a shoot with me this year. Choose TWO of your favourite images and create your own card. You can add a message from your family too. Christmas cards are available in packs of 10 and 20. If you'd like to buy Christmas cards with images from your session, get in touch to find out more.

Pack of 10 Christmas Cards - £25

Pack of 20 Christmas Cards - £45




Christmas cards

Family Photo Sessions Gift Voucher

A perfect gift for family and friends. We've all had a tough year but being locked up at home together has also created stronger family bonds. Help someone you love to celebrate their family with an outdoor family photo shoot in South Wales.

The gift voucher will include:

A location family photoshoot (1-2 hours) in South Wales.

Help and advice on clothing and outfits.

Viewing session.

And a 10″ x 8″ print and matching digital image!

There’s also the option of adding print credit vouchers to your gift – add £50, £100, or £150 and the recipient can choose lots of gorgeous prints and products too!




family photo shoot gift voucher

Extra Print Credits Gift Voucher

If you’ve already bought a gift voucher as a special present for a friend or family member, you now have the option to add extra print credits onto the value of their gift. Choose from £50, £100 or £150 and give them the option of buying lots of gorgeous prints and products from their shoot.  Print credits can be spent on prints, products and digital images too.

Check out my most popular product below - a 9 image frame. Who doesn't want one of these?!




framed images

Beginners Photography Training Gift Voucher

One to one bespoke training sessions for adults and teenagers too.

This training is perfect for beginners who own a camera but are unsure how to use it properly. We’ll cover the technical aspects of photography (in a jargon free way!), looking specifically at helping you to control aperture and shutter speed. The training will also cover the creative side of photography, looking at composition, light and how to take great photos of family and friends. The training includes a practical outdoor session to try out new skills too.




Christmas gift voucher


'How to take better photos for your business' Gift Voucher

This brand new workshop has been created to help small businesses improve the images that they take to show off their products or service. If you know a small business owner who needs great images, this could be the perfect gift!

The workshop covers the importance of branding and photography for businesses and provides a step-by-step practical guide on how to get started with content creation.

See the workshop framework below for more details.

How to take better photos of your business - Workshop framework

Establishing your brand.

The importance of photography.

Step by step guide to the most important elements to include in your business photography.

How to take great picture for your business – understanding light and composition.

Technicalities – taking and processing the photo (using a camera or a phone). 

Planning your shoot – personalised plan of action for your business.




Vouchers can be hand delivered (locally) or posted. Please purchase by 10th December to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

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Gemma Griffiths is an outdoor family photographer based near Cardiff in South Wales. She offers shoots in all over South Wales, including, Cardiff, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, RCT, Bridgend and Swansea.

15 tips - How to prepare for your family photo shoot!

I thought it might be helpful to write a quick list of 15 tips to help you prepare for your family photo shoot!

I've been a Cardiff family photographer for 14 years and so I've met a lot of families, in all seasons, all weathers and loads of different locations all over South Wales. Every time I go on a shoot I learn something, either a tip for myself (there's no point in wearing wellies in the sea if they have holes in them) or for my clients.

family photo shoot with Gemma Griffiths Photography

Don't worry! Prepare for your family photo shoot.

1. You are beautiful. A lot of people have a little panic about their appearance once they have booked their shoot. They worry about hair, eyebrows, weight - all the usual stuff. But, let me tell you now - stop worrying about it. You are who you are and you are loved by your family. A stray hair or a couple of pounds on or off won't make any difference to your shoot. Take a long good look in the mirror. Say "I love you" to your reflection and move on. Sometimes parents will say they just want me to photograph their children and they don't know if they need or want to be in the pictures. I strongly recommend that you get in the frame. You are just as important as the rest of the family and you need to exist in photos too.

2. Enjoy. Think of the photo session as chilled out family walk in beautiful countryside. No phones, just nature in all her glory and a friendly photographer to keep you company. There's no pressure for anyone to perform or behave in a certain way. I have two children myself and have been in this business a long time. Your children won't do anything I haven't seen before!

3. Don't say cheese. It's very tempting to say to the kids 'Say Cheese!' or 'Smile nicely' or sometimes, say 'Smelly socks/sausages etc'. Saying those things to your children will result in a fake, stiff smile, sometimes with teeth gritted. My advice would be for you to have a think about what your child/ren might think is funny in advance of the shoot. Do you have a family joke, or something that you know will make them laugh - genuinely? I've never seen a comedy fall fail but that might not be the best option if you want to keep your outfit clean. The point is, the more relaxed you all are, the more relaxed you will look.  Feel free to mess around, pull faces, tell jokes etc. Everyone will look much more natural in the images as a result.

4. Don't look at me. One of the best ways of getting natural family pictures is for you to forget that I'm there. I don't need you to be standing stock still with a fixed grin every time I point the camera at you. I know it can feel a bit weird, trying to behave as you normally would when someone is taking a photo of you but honestly, it's the best way. I'll be directing you throughout the shoot, so don't worry about knowing what to do. I'll be shouting (only shouting because I might be far away), things like, 'look over there!', 'don't look at me!', 'look up!' etc.


family photo session at the beach

Be prepared

5. Outfits. What you wear for the shoot is super important for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly, you need to feel comfortable. I'm not talking about trakkie bottoms and pj top comfy, but you, on a good day, feeling happy with what you're wearing. Next, it's important to make sure that you all blend together. There's no need for matching outfits but try and choose colours that complement each other. Choose a colour palette of two or three colours if possible. Wearing patterns is fine - florals, stripes, spots, checks etc. It's best to avoid big logo's or pictures though. No one wants a massive Hollister or Adidas logo in middle of their image.

The right colours can depend on the location or season. Don't worry though, I'll send you a big Pinterest board full of outfits for some inspiration. Head over to my blog to see a family shoot with the perfect outfits!

6. Hair cut. If you're going to get your hair cut, do it a week or so before the session , just in case you need to get used to your new style!

7. Have a chat to the kids. If your kids are old enough to be blackmailed with chocolate buttons then they're old enough to have a chat with about the session. Explain that we're going for a nice walk and going to have some pictures taken. There's plenty of time during the session for kids to run around, pull faces, fall over, have a snack etc, so there's no need to put any pressure on them to 'behave'. The more relaxed and natural they are, the better. Everyone has different parenting styles, so I'm not going to give specific advice on how to talk to your own kids but remember that the most important thing is that they are happy and enjoy the experience.

8. Bring snacks. It's worth bringing along a treat that might be persuasive, just in case. Chocolate buttons work well, chewy sweets, not so much. Chewy snacks are difficult because they take a while to be eaten and sometimes get tucked away for later, leaving your child looking like a squirrel. Biscuits and crisps leave crumbs on the face. Marshmallows are sticky. Have I mentioned chocolate buttons? One of those, placed directly into the mouth, generally does the trick.


family photo shoot near cardiff

9. Speak to your partner. It's usually one person that books the shoot (well done Mums!), which means that sometimes the other partner (hello Dads!) doesn't know too much about the process. This can sometimes lead to 'Grumpy Dad' syndrome. So, to avoid this happening, it's worth having a chat to your partner about the shoot. Show them my website so they can see other family shoots. Talk about the cost of the session. Discuss what you might like to do with the images afterwards - wall art or family keepsake album etc. Get them involved in how to prepare for your family photo shoot. Try and engage them in the process so that it doesn't feel like a chore.

10. Timing. Think about when you'd like to book the shoot. Try not to book the session during or after an important event - family wedding, big night out, World Cup Final - to avoid upset and/or hangovers.  It's best if you're all perky and well rested.

11. Supplies. Apart from the aforementioned chocolate buttons, there's a few things that I'd recommend bringing to your shoot. Extra layers and a change of clothes are useful in case anyone falls over or gets chilly. If your shoot is at the beach, bring towels. Wipes (for little noses) and a hairbrush are also handy.

12. Your rug. I'll always ask you to bring your own rug or blanket to sit on. It's mainly to protect your clothes and make sure you don't get them wet or dirty. However, the rug/blanket will be in the pictures with you. If you have any gorgeous knitted, checked rugs or blankets from any National Trust shop then we're onto a winner. But, any plain, neutral coloured one will do. If you bring along a bright neon pink rug, then that's what we're going to be using. Choose carefully...


family photo shoot vale of glamorgan

It's all in the details

13. Phones. My advice would be to leave your phone in the car for a few reasons. Firstly, it can be a distraction during the session - the last thing you want to be doing is checking your email whilst we're out and about. Secondly, it can be tempting to take a few pictures yourself, whilst standing behind me, but this can be very distracting for the kids, who don't know who they should be looking at. Finally, if you have your phone in your pocket it can give you a big phone shaped bulge - which is never a good look.

14. Embrace the wildness. If you like perfect hair and creaseless clothes, then perhaps an outdoor photo shoot isn't for you. Outside, it can get windy and hair will fly all over the place. Personally, I love the windswept look, especially on the beach! There are ways to try and control fly-away hair with hair bands and clips etc but it's important to realise that you won't be getting perfect hair in every shot. For me, it's more important to try and capture your family love and interaction together and I don't mind if you have a few hairs flying around your face.

15. Clothing choices. Think very carefully about what you're going to wear, from your top down to your shoes. Try things on and look in the mirror before the shoot. Sometimes clients will be unhappy about their choices after the session and that will affect how they feel about the images. If you feel uncomfortable in an item of clothing - don't wear it.

So, there you have it. All the things you need to know to prepare for your family photo shoot! You family shoot will be full to brim with love, fun, jumping, twirling and squeezing. Relax in the knowledge that I've got your back. I look forward to seeing you soon!



Thanks for reading how to prepare for your family photo shoot. - if you have any questions, drop me a line to find out more.

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Gemma Griffiths is an outdoor family photographer based near Cardiff in South Wales. She offers shoots in all over South Wales, including, Cardiff, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, RCT, Bridgend and Swansea.

Cardiff Family Photography - Telling your story

As a Cardiff family photographer, I want to tell the story of your family.

A family is more than the sum of it's parts.  I don't just want to take a photo of you all together and then dust my hands off and go home. Oh no. I want to spend some time with you. Take a walk. Have a chat. I want to try and capture the unique bonds and relationships that make up your family. How do the kids interact? Are they adventurous or playful? Are they shy and thoughtful? Do they talk non-stop or take time to get to know people? How do you hold them and snuggle them? Do you play with them in the sea or give them shoulder rides? Each family is totally unique and that is why I like to spend time getting to know you and planning the perfect session.

"I want to try and capture the unique bonds and relationships that make up your family."

Before the session, we'll have a chat and decide on a location together. It might be the gorgeous Welsh coastline, or a park, or forest. Wherever you feel happy. Next, is planning outfits. I always suggest something comfortable and in keeping with the chosen location.

The shoot itself can take anywhere between 1-2 hours (sometimes longer!). I'm not in any hurry and there's no strict time limit. Usually little ones let you know when the have had enough! During the shoot, I'll aim to capture a mixture of posed and unposed images. It's great to a variety of images to choose from, including ones looking at the camera and a more documentary style.

"I want it to display the essence of your family love."

After the shoot, you'll come to my home office for a viewing session. You will see all your images in a slideshow. I create a nine image collage after every shoot, so that you can see your story, through my eyes. I try to include a real variety of images in the collage - I want it to display the essence of your family love. Seeing the images in the collage also really helps you to see what they will look like when they are displayed together at home. You can choose to order a collage print or a multi-aperture frame with a selection of your favourite images.

Have a look below and see a small selection of family stories from lots of different locations around South Wales. If you're looking for a Cardiff family photographer - then get in touch to find out more about booking your family photo shoot.

See more of my work on my blog and Instagram account. If you don't like having your photo taken then have a read of my article - featured in the latest edition of JUNO Magazine!

This little one was a pocket rocket. She thoroughly enjoyed her forest adventure and playing amongst the gorgeous Autumn leaves.

Cardiff family photography

This shoot took place on one of the hottest days last year. We were all roasting! The kids absolutely loved playing in the water at the end of the session. In fact, Mum and Dad couldn't get them to leave. I would have stayed there too if it wasn't for my two cameras and massive (unnecessary) coat.

Family photo shoot on Southerndown Beach.

Cardiff Family Photography

A walk in the forest at the end of Summer for this family maternity session. This little guy was making the most of having the full attention of both parents before little brother arrived on the scene.

maternity family shoot. Bryngarw Park

These two have a strong connection with the ocean and so a maternity beach shoot was the best choice for them. The sunset was a spectacular pink colour. It matched her dress perfectly! It's such a special time to spend as couple - waiting for the birth of your first child together.

maternity beach shoot south wales

This family looked awesome on their Autumn family shoot. They chose a blue and pink palette which worked really well with the green backgrounds. I love it when siblings are so close and love hugging each other and playing together.

cardiff family photography

Lots of adventure on this shoot! There was tree climbing, a walk along the cliffs and exploring the secret gardens too.

cardiff family photographer. photo shoot at Dunraven Gardens

Big brother was off to University and so it was time to get some family photos taken to remember him by! It was so much fun hanging out with this lot.

cardiff family photography

Love the shades of burgundy and navy in this shoot. Another fabulous sunset on my favourite beach! We had a gorgeous hazy pink sunset and the beach to ourselves, which meant lots of running and jumping around. Making the most of the wide open space.

Cardiff Family Photography

You can't tell from the pictures but this was a super gloomy day with plenty of rain. We managed to dodge the showers and play among the flowers before the rain set in. It was really lovely to have Grandparents and the pet dog on this shoot too!

cardiff family photography

Summer at the beach. There's no more perfect setting for a family shoot! This family love the beach and love exploring so I wanted to capture their adventurous spirit.

cardiff family photography

Sunset is the perfect time to take a silhouette picture! We had great fun playing in the waves at the end of this shoot. There was a gorgeous sunset too, which provided the stunning golden light.

cardiff family photography

Another shoot with the Grandparents and this time, they'd come all the way from Africa! The big sister and little brother relationship was soooo sweet too. They didn't stop smiling!

cardiff family photographer

This was a really special shoot with James and his family for the Wouldn't Change a Thing charity book (blog post coming soon!).

cardiff family photography

Who knew a beach shoot in April could be so much fun (and so wet!)? Three sisters with three totally different personalities. They all loved the water though!

cardiff family photographer

This shoot was a surprise for Dad's birthday. He loved his birthday canvas!

cardiff family photographer

Gemma Griffiths Photography. Cardiff family photography based in South Wales. Available for outdoor family photo shoots.

View family portfolio and pricing page for further information.







Family Photoshoot South Wales

I offer outdoor family photoshoots all over South Wales.

Brace yourselves, this little one is seriously cute! Her parents made the awesome decision to celebrate her turning one by having a family photo shoot. What a wonderful idea to capture this perfect moment in time! As a parent of older kids I know how fast time flies. I love it when parents want to document their time as a family as the years go by. One is a pretty big milestone - she's just getting on her feet and starting to become more independent. Soon, she'll be running, skipping and jumping but for now, she still needs to hold on to Mummy and Daddy.

Now that my daughter is nearly a teenager and my son is 10 next month I'm finding that they are both changing so quickly. It's still really important to me to capture my children through all of their stages.  The little chubby legs have become skinny dancers legs, squashy tummies have become 6 packs, short hair has grown into long flowing locks, baby faces are now changed and wearing make-up. We no longer shop in children's clothes shops, we let them order adult sized meals and we don't worry that they won't be tall enough to go on rides or waterslides. For the first time last weekend, I sat in on a Saturday night worrying about the disco my daughter had gone to, how it was going and if she was having a good time - she waltzed in at 10pm, happy as larry in her new dress.

No more early wake ups, nappy changes and mashing food for me, but I know there's new experiences to come. I'm looking forward to shopping trips with my girl, watching her on stage performing, cheering her on when she tackles a sporting activity, spending day after day surfing with her in Cornwall in the Summer, planning her birthday party (and outfits!) and watching her relationship with her brother go from strength to strength. My boy, he's nearly 10 but he's still my baby. Sometimes I can't believe my eyes when I see how much he's grown (although he's still a shorty!). It seems like yesterday that I was tucking him up in his grobag and letting him have an afternoon nap. Now, I'm carting him all over the country to compete in gymnastics competitions and watching his beautiful dancing.

I started my photography business when my daughter was 5 months old and I've had the chance to capture each moment of my children's lives. We love looking at old photos and remembering experiences and holidays together and both of them really value having a house full of photos. There's so much more to come and I can't wait!

If you'd like me to capture your beautiful family - get in touch to find out more.

Check out my family portfolio and pricing page for further info.

Gem x

toddler girlfamily photoshoot south waleslittle girl and daddylittle girl and mummyfamily photoshoot south waleslittle girl walkinglittle girl smilingfamily photoshoot south waleslittle girl smilinglittle girl and her mummyfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south waleslittle girl laughingfamily photoshoot south walescouple photoshootfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walescouple photoshoot south walesfamily photoshoot south walesbaby laughing

Autumn Family Photo Shoots in South Wales

Now September has arrived and we've all accepted that the flip flops and factor 50 suncream needs to be packed away for another year, we can console ourselves with Autumnal thoughts! You won't find a family photographer out there that doesn't love Autumn. The beautiful golden light filtering through the trees, crunchy leaves in gorgeous colours and my absolute favourites - chunky knits! So, it's time to don the wellies, dust off the coats and make the most of this lovely season.

Autumn is one of my busiest periods as a family photographer. There's something so special about it for families, the air is filled with adventure and the thought of long walks in the forest and hot chocolates by the fire (not to mention Strictly on the TV!). There are lots of stunning locations all over South Wales that look magical in the Autumn and I'm looking forward to the family shoots that I have booked in over the next few weeks. Time flies and I know that we'll all be soon on the countdown to Christmas so if you're thinking of booking a family shoot, now is the time to get a date in the diary.

If you love Autumn and want to capture your family at this special time of year then get in touch for a chat about a family photo shoot in South Wales.

Here's a few of my favourite Autumnal images.

Gem x

little girl and dad shoulder rideautumnal scene siblings holding handsfamily photoshoot south walesbaby portraittoddler smiling holding leafbrother and sister walkingfamily photo shoot south walesgirl portrait in autumnjumping in autumn leavesbaby portraitAutumnal portrait with dogsfamily photo shoot south walestoddler in autumnfamily photo shoot south walesboy portraitfamily photo shoot south walestoddler holding leavessibling group portraitfamily photo shoot south wales