Friends forever!

Group photo sessions are so much fun!

We moved to Wales in January 2005 and apart from my sister in law and family, we didn't know anyone. When I was pregnant with my daughter we duly joined the local NCT group with great trepidation. My husband and I are fairly quiet (until you get to know us!), so group meetings with a bunch of strangers in a Church hall wasn't our idea of fun but boy, I'm glad we went. The friends that we met there are our great friends now (more like family if you ask me) and our children have grown up together. We've seen them on every birthday, every Christmas, countless sleepovers and more playdates than you can shake a stick at.

The NCT group were my first ever photography clients and I've been photographing them ever since. As they grow older I'm trying to capture the milestones, turning 10 in 2015, going up to comprehensive in 2017, becoming teenagers this year etc.

Have a look below and see how they have grown from babies to teenagers. I'd love to do some more group photo sessions like this!

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Gem x

First baby photo of my daughter with my brand new camera. 2005.

Blue eyed baby

One of my first ever photo sessions with NCT friends in 2005.

Baby and parents

Meeting up for a 10 year reunion picnic and trying to recreate a photo taken the first time!

group of friends

Some added siblings!

group of friends jumping in the airgroup of friends hugging

Turning 10 photo shoot. 2015.

group of friends hugging

Just about to go up to comprehensive school! Summer 2017.

group of friends on the beachgroup of friends jumping in the seagroup of friends hugging on the beachgroup of friends on the beach


Gemma Griffiths is a family photographer, based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.

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