Christmas Photo Shoot South Wales

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

OK, it may not have really been snowing in South Wales but we still managed to have a lot of fun on set in my garden creating some gorgeous Christmassy images.

With a couple of lovely Christmas trees and a fabulous old sledge the set was looking wonderful. Add lots of children in festive knits and we had the perfect recipe for some stunning and very personalised Christmas card images.

The day was a bit damp and windy, so I just wanted to say a big thanks to my lovely elves for helping out all day long. They really did earn that selection box! Scroll to the bottom to see the cheeky elves in action.

The Christmas minis have finished for this year. The snow as been shovelled away and the trees are decorating my drive now but if you're interested in coming along next year, then make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page for events announcements and also sign up to my newsletter for advance warning of all pop-up mini sessions for 2019!

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Gem x

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