South Wales Sunset Beach Photo Shoot

I adore the beach and the ocean and so a family photo shoot at Dunraven Bay in South Wales at sunset is pretty perfect! It's where I had my own family photo session a couple of years ago and where I've spent many a day sitting on the rocks or playing in the sea with my kids. I absolutely love the dramatic cliffs, the rocky walk down to the beach and the gorgeous cove shape of Dunraven Bay (or Southerndown as we call it!). It's a photographers dream.

I have to say, this is one of my favourite photo sessions of all time. When you have a beautiful Mum and 5, yes, 5, stunning children it's a win win situation. She literally looks like a mermaid. Honestly. The tide was high when we headed down to the beach and there was no sand to be seen. So, we clambered over the rocks to find a good spot to take some photos. The kids were jumping up, under and over the rocks like little mountain goats. I was still nursing my semi-broken toe from a previous shoot, so did my best to hobble after them all!

The sun was starting to set, so the pictures have the most beautiful golden glow (note to potential clients - book a shoot at golden hour!) and the beach was starting to empty out so we had it mostly to ourselves.

I wanted to capture some authentic natural images for this family. I wanted hair flying, wet clothes and big grins. There's something so joyful and magical about this set of images I've had to include nearly 100 of them to share with you - not even half of the images from the shoot but it was so hard to whittle them down.

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In the meantime, take a look at these beauties.
Gem x