Children’s portrait session

There’s a little story behind this children’s portrait session… I decided to do a surprise session of this gorgeous pair as a present to their grandmother who has been a fantastic help to my little boy. My son Dylan has dyslexic tendencies and had been really struggling with his reading. When Fiona offered to help, we were so grateful, but we had no idea what an enormous difference she was going to make.

Within a few weeks, Dylan has gone from struggling over every letter and every word to reading beautifully. His self esteem and confidence have grown so much and he’s so very proud of what he can now do and it’s all thanks to Fiona. There are no words to express how grateful we are, the change in him is magnificent and it was so wonderful to have someone take such an interest and care in his progress.

So, by way of thanks, I grabbed these cheeky little monkeys and we had a fun time in the studio taking lots of photos for Nana Fi.

A massive heartfelt THANK YOU Fiona for everything you have done!! Also a big thanks to Chloe & Rob for being lovely and kind as always and helping Fiona and Dylan to get together.

Lots of love from all of us. Gem x


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